Assignment 1 – TestCase Writing & Git

I learned a lot from writing this test case for Filer. Initially it took me a while to go through the existing test cases and code to think of a case that was missing and not already tested. I was able to look through different files and sparked the idea that in the appendFile.spec.js there was a test to append a symbolic  link, but not to check if a symbolic link existed.

Firstly, I cloned the filer onto my own PC.  After searching through test cases I found an issue to write a case for. This is when I created issue number 489, found at this link .  I had no idea where to begin in writing this test case so I looked at examples and tried to piece together my own test case. I created a pull request ( found here ) and committed my code without testing. Through the help of my peers.  I was able to locate my errors and fix my test case.After many trial and errors I was able to pass it and commit my test case again!

Next time, I would definitely sift through my code for visible errors ( such as unused variables) which is what happens when you try and copy bits of other test cases. I realized not every test case has to include the same information. I had fun writing this test case, but it was much more difficult than I thought it would be. I am used to having guided instructions for assignments, but this was very open. I liked the freedom to do what I wanted, but it was frustrating trying to figure out where start. I would definitely like to try and tackle another test case in the future!



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