Hacktoberfest Issue 3

For my third issue on Hacktoberfest I found interesting project to contribute on.


This project is written in React, JS and other technologies familiar to me. Although React is still new to me, understanding this program was not hard. I had cloned the project, opened it up and followed the instructions in the README file.

One of my all time favorite TV shows is House so I decided to add a scene from this show to the program. My contribution to this project was to add find a scene and gather information on it as well as include the URL to the object. I saved this code and rand this program locally again with no issues.



I submitted my pull request and it was merged. The take away I had from this open source experience was more about an interest rather than trying something difficult. I contributed to increasing in what will be an application that will allow people readily search scenes  as a reference to support arguments.


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