Release 3 – 2

I talked with the project owner, Alex, and he discussed some of the first new issues he wanted to be done. He talked about the README and the unit cases he wanted done for this project. Another peer with more familiarity with Python took on the unit tests to be written and so I decided to write the README for this project. It gave me a good time to get more familiar with the program.  Alex is an amazing project owner as he had left a detailed description of this project on the issue that will help me.

To begin, I have no idea how to write a README. So the first thing I did was google ” how to write a readMe ” .

I found this template to use to write my own README. I have started filling in most of the file. I had a few questions for clarification on installing and running the program which I  reached out to Alex on slack and asked. I was initially going to wait and ask him in person because I didn’t have his contact information, but then totally remembered I can direct message him on Slack. This saved me lots of wasted time and I was able to get my questions answered right away.

I have created a pull request and am waiting for it to be merged. Below is a snapshot of what I have written to the read me thus far. I  think there is room for editing once more of the project has filled out.




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