Release 4 -2

My 4-2 release was a big one. I  decided to work on the linting  bugs along with 12 peers  on Mozilla Firefox code. I was reading through how to set up my working environment from the list of instructions I received and from what I found on the developer guide. I found both of these a little confusing to read. I am so thankful to my peer who posted a simplistic version of the steps I had to follow on Slack.


After setting up my working environment ( 4 hours of cloning ) and eslinting –fix the 3 directories I was working on I was left with a total of  204 errors.

This seemed like a lot so I started by tackling the directory with the smallest number of errors. A lot of them were repetitive so I was able to fix a lot of errors with one or two  manual fixes.

There were a few errors I was unsure of how to fix some so I decided to check the Slack channel our professor had set up. Luckily there were some people that had similar problems and I was able to follow their rules.


I read a peer’s blog to help me with this error and this saved me a lot of time of researching myself.

I got it down to errors  12 – 13 errors in total which  I found were tougher and required more thought. After a few hours of researching I was able to solve most of them.

It was such an incredible feeling seeing this after a week of working on this project.


(Note: Using a friends laptop, thus the username difference)


Although there were some issues I was unsure about, I look forward to hearing feedback on any fixes I need again . I thought the most complicated aspect of this project would be fixing the errors and not trying to commit my code. I found setting up Phabricator, (like many of my peers) tedious and difficult, but I understand it is a necessary evil. Atleast if I plan on working on this code in the future I know the steps to take for next time!


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