Hacktoberfest Issue 4

For my fourth issue I found a web application that was made to take a survey and store the results into a database. This application was fairly new and in a disorganized structure compared to the structure I learned in my web development classes at Seneca. Thus, I seen a lot of potential fixes with this application and knew I had to work on it.

The issue I decided to work on first was a simple form that was needed on the front page to record the information of a user, their email address, organization and an optional mobile number. I had to firstly understand the structure of this code by seeing where file the routes were installed in, which frameworks were being used and which files were holding the survey forms so I knew which file to write my form in ( which was the first page).


I added this bit of code, but was unable to post it to a database as it has not been set up for this project yet, so I left a comment for the next developer to pick this up when they start developing a database. It was pretty easy to write this form since I learned this over a year ago and used it repeatedly on assignments since. The only attribute I had to look up was how to implement a required fields vs optional. A styling option commonly used by websites have a red asterisk to indicate it is a required field, but someone was already working on this issue so I left that for the next developer.

After I made the pull request to this project I went to check on more issues this project still needed to complete and were not taken.

To be continued . . . in issue 5 !


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