OSD 600 Reflection

Looking back at these last 31/2 months I feel I grew as an open source developer. I can recall the first week of this class not even knowing what open source development was or that there were so many large companies that had open source projects that I could potentially contribute to.

I started off in this class excited, but very timid and with low expectations of my skills and contributing power. As the semester rolled on I still felt kinda shy. I could feel like I was doing something,  but my contributions felt small. I was honestly about to give up in this class and just play it out to the end of the term after hacktoberfest. That was until I received some feedback from my professor.

I took this reflection to heart and really reflected on myself. I decided to try harder. I decided to get more involved like I said I would. I went from writing a simple hello world for hacktoberfest to contributing on Mozilla Firefox! That, I never thought I’d do.

From this class and the experience I gained, I hope to keep contributing in the future as I grow my skills from my next work term and keep making each contribution slightly bigger!



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