Release 4-3

I became very comfortable with the linting I did for Mozilla fox I wanted to find an error that was similar. I was going to work on another project suggested in class, but did not find any that required linting. I was learning through linting issues on github and I found a smaller project on Github that needed Eslint set up from scratch.

I cloned this project and ran it locally on my computer. I ran npm i -g eslint to get eslint set up. I tried running eslint –fix and was wondering WHY wasn’t it working? I obliviously missed that I needed to set it up first so I ran eslint –init to set up the configurations.


I started running eslint –fix on  some of the errors and found errors that popped up like ” console. log unexpected here” I did some research and found out I just needed to add a line to the module exports in eslintrc file. I  created a pull request once I fixed my issues.

Although the setting up part was new to me, I was much more confident fixing issues in this project ( collectively 10 -15 manual fixes). I was able to use my experience from my previous pull request to work on this one.


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