Hacktoberfest Issue 1

Open source development is a fairly new concept to me. I only learned about it when searching for professional development courses for my program.  I have been interested in getting more involved in the community and so it seemed like a interesting topic and I decided to take this course.

When my professor, brought up the Hacktoberfest I was ecstatic to start working on issues. I was so excited I decided to take this opportunity to assert myself into a new language and participate on an intermediate task (at least intermediate for me) . I did some research on the language (Rust) and quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing working on this issue . I decided to take a step back and find something easier to do. I found another issue tailor made for Hacktoberfest and it was simply to write a Hello World program in any language. I looked down the list and realized Rust was not there.  I then requested to work on this issue and and made a pull request.



It is not the most exciting issue to work on, but it taught me how to write in a new language. I learned to write a statement you use println!. I also learned that to compile a rust program you can use rustc which generates a binary file.

I will continue to pursue my original first issue as my second pull request.



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